Big data is of great practical importance as a technology designed to solve current day-to-day problems, but it generates even more new ones. Big data can change our way of life, work and thinking e.g. the latest Google updates.

One of the conditions for the successful development of the world economy at the present stage is the ability to capture and analyze vast arrays and flows of information.

It is believed that the countries that are mastering the most effective methods of working with Big Data are waiting for a new industrial revolution.

Big Data focuses on organizing storage, processing, and analysis of huge data sets.

As a result of the conducted researches, using the developed formal model of information technology Big data, the division into groups of methods and technologies of analytics is grounded.

Big data goals

In order to achieve this goal, it is proposed, taking into account the functional relationships and formal model of this information technology Big Data, to classify all methods as follows: Data Mining methods, Tech Mining technologies, MapReduce technology, data visualization, other technologies, and analysis techniques.

Describes the characteristics and features of the methods and technologies that belong to each of the selected groups, taking into account the definition of Big Data.

Therefore, using the developed formal model and the results of a critical analysis of Big Data analysis methods and technologies, one can build a Big Data analysis ontology.

Future work will address the exploration of methods, models, and tools to refine Big Data analytics ontology and more effectively support the development of structural elements of the Big Data Decision Support System model.

By John Morris

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