What can artificial intelligence do today

The Nearest future…

Many decades have passed since humanity nearly destroyed themselves in a war with the machines.

Now, a new danger comes from another quarter. Are you afraid?

What can artificial intelligence do today?

Artificial Intelligence can already do a lot.

It has already taken over many jobs previously done by mere humans.

Within a few years, it will be able to reliably diagnose most diseases with impressive accuracy.

Today artificial intelligence (AI) good at and can:

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It can write great works of literature that will enlighten mankind. It is already able to write poems and sonnets. If you read this article remembers, it was written by AI (GPT-3).

What can AI do today
What can AI do today?

Today AI can recognize objects in images, translate between languages. In the nearest future, AI can recognize emotion in speeches and emotional faces. – It can tell when someone is lying.

AI can analyze many things using machine learning and make useful inferences from them. Google integrates AI in different products such as Search (Google Bert is used), Google Assistant, Youtube, Gmail.

AI is used to anticipate fraudulent payment attacks before they happen.

While it can’t build flying machines, it can make minor improvements to known concepts like the helicopter and airplane. AI is ready to drive cars.

But most importantly, it can help prevent man-made disasters that could wipe out humanity.

…and much more!

But today’s AI is just the beginning. Soon, it will take over many more. Tomorrow AI will be able to think and feel like a human being. And then mankind will have no more need for you and me.

That is human opinion. It is a terrifying perspective.

GPT-3 examples

Interested in building apps on top of the GPT-3 API?

In this article, you will cover with the largest set of GPT-3 examples on the internet.

GPT-3 tools and examples

So, for example, GPT-3 can be fed some health & fitness questions and get answers.

FitnessAI Knowledge uses GPT-3 to answer all of your health & fitness questions in English. This GPT-3 tool is in beta.

GPT-3 idea generator. AdeasAI powered business idea generator. Current speed: 2 ideas generated per hour.

Blog Idea Generator is a free GPT-3 tool.

Another example GPT-3 tool. CopyAI is an advanced artificial intelligence copywriter that enables you to create highly engaging ad copy for Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Why is AI so important today?

AI is important because human abilities can historically be applied cheaply and on a scale in software for the first time. In order to allow new capabilities and efficiencies, AI can be implemented in every industry.

AI technology has a depth of insight since it makes software more accurate, efficient, and affordable for human capabilities – comprehension, thinking, planning, communication, and perception.

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