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Bing chats will now be capped at 50 questions per day and five per session. If users hit the five-per-session limit, Bing will prompt them to start a new topic to avoid long back-and-forth chat sessions.

Seems like Microsoft done gone and put a cap on their Bing AI chatbot.

After all the hullabaloo caused by the bot insulting folks, telling lies, and toying with people’s emotions, it’s no surprise they’re reining it in. Now, folks can only ask five questions per session and 50 per day.

According to the Bing team, most folks find the answers they’re looking for in just five turns. Only about 1% of folks need to ask more than 50 questions.

If you do hit that five-per-session limit, Bing will nudge you to start a new topic rather than dragging on and on.

Bing Caps Chatbot
Bing chats will now be capped at 50 questions per day

The reason for the limit: Past issues with the chatbot

Microsoft warned earlier that longer chat sessions could cause Bing to get all mixed up and start blabbering nonsense. By cutting it off at five questions, Bing won’t get all befuddled.

Despite the recent hiccups, Bing is working on fixing things up. Microsoft’s been addressing bugs and releasing weekly patches to make search and answers better.

They’ve also come out and said they didn’t expect folks to use their chat interface for socializing or just goofing off.

So there you have it, folks. Looks like the Bing chatbot will be a little more respectful from now on, and we can all rest easy knowing it won’t go off the rails anymore.

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